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A website is the best source to get Business online. you can grow rapidly your sales and increase your Brand awareness with just a website. A website accessible via the World Wide Web. Get Professional Website that can give you the best ROI. We are the best leading Website Design and development company in Delhi NCR, Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon and Nearby States.

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    6 Reasons To Choose Our Service

    WordPress Isolation

    Each website is isolated from others on the same server. There is no way for a compromised website to jeopardise another or for a vulnerability to propagate and access other websites’ files.

    SSL Support

    Users can get direct access to their files via FTP and the database entries via phpMyAdmin, see and modify the DNS entries, view logs. SSH access is also available in multiple site hosting plans.

    Malware Scans

    We scan each file on a daily basis and in the case malware is detected we inform the respective user by email. To avoid disruption of service we do not delete infected files automatically.

    Backup & Instant Restore

    Our incremental backup system allows us to take snapshots of each website as regularly as every one hour and keep it for a period of 60 days. Users can download a backup or revert to a previous state at any point.

    Layered Caching

    An array of caching servers is used to cache static files. This means that if a caching server does not contain a resource, it will try to find it on another caching server before attempting to request it from the web server.

    Auto Failover/Auto Scale

    If one server is down or under DDoS attack, there is always another one to take its place, and if a website needs more resources MagicPress will automatically allocate them.

    We Provide

    Brand Awareness - Website Development Service

    Brand Awareness

    We Respect your Business. There is no way for a compromised website to another Domain Brand. 

    Responsive and Professional Design - Website Development Service

    Professional Design

    We Provide you best design and Professional services with the Responsive and attractive Layout.

    Increase Visibility - Website Development Service

    SEO Optimization

    Its our priority for your business to make visible your business in search Engines and in your Local area.

    Functions Integrated with Website.

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